Thursday, 31 January 2013

and here she is: Pippilotta!

So Pippilotta got her finishing touches and is ready for new adventures. At the moment she's sitting on my jewellery box, dangling her legs. It's nice to know the strongest girl on earth is in the house - I will be a bit sad to see her go but there's no stopping her!!!

She's looking forward to the trip and to meet another Pippi (even though that Pippi goes by another name - but is a Pippi by heart ;o)) and having lots of fun!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Scrappy Swap Doll

A few doll makers have decided to make "scrappy dolls" (dolls made from scraps of fabric)... so those dolls will all be prototypes, every maker just follows their own ideas and sees where that leads them.
When I looked around I saw that most of my scraps are from cotton velour as the clothes I make are made from Jeans fabric, cotton velour and handknit/crochet. I love the velour that was passed on to me by my mother. She used to make doll clothes and sell them on regional markets - she used mainly velour and bought a lot in a time where there was still a lot of pure cotton velour around. I treasure it and keep even the smallest snippets (whenever I can get to them before my daughter sees them. She's got a big "treasure box" stuffed with the softest snippets!).

So this doll is what I'm currently working on (along with 3 of my "standard" dolls, one of which will be for a dear friend)... She's not finished yet but I love how colourful she turned out. I had a lot of fun so far, also because it meant I could just work away without pattern and see where it led me ;o)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Erika wanted a new top

Erika has long asked for a new top. I always felt that the first one I made her really suited her - until a few days ago, when I received some hand-dyed yarn and knitted my daughter a sweater with it.
She loved it and suddenly I realized that this might just be the yarn for a new tunic for Erika as well. I asked her and she was thrilled.
The button is not sewed on yet but it's difficult to get Erika to take the new one off. She's thrilled. It makes me smile to see her in this new tunic and I do have to admit it suits her!

Erika will soon be available in my etsy shop shop with her new clothes in addition to her "old" ones for everyday wear ;o)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Luzi - a cheeky girl ;o)

Luzi (short for Luzia) has quickly become a big favourite here. She's always lots of fun and makes us all giggle all the time. She's wearing purple softest pure cotton velour pants and a handknit top so she can climb every tree, chair and everything else that stands between her and her new means for mischief ;o)
She's a slender 15 inches tall and ready for lots of fun!

A long trip lies ahead

This girl doesn't have a name yet. Her new mom, another doll maker, lives far away. She's looking forward to the trip and is ready for the cold season. Exciting times!