Friday, 17 February 2017


Lotta is not one to hide her opinions. or her socks. So here are two lists with what she likes / does not like. it might help you to decide if she could fit into your home ;)

Lotta likes:

old cities
star wars (though secretly more star trek - she has quite a bit of a crush on Tom Paris)
modern medicine
pink and orange, preferably together
pride & prejudice
anything by murakami or neil gaiman
crazy socks

Lotta dislikes:

made up non facts / when people pretend facts aren't important
Moby Dick
Forrest Gump
frilly dresses
7 and 17 (she sympathizes with the other numbers as 7 and 17 seem to be chosen the most whenever people are asked what their fav number is)

Lotta is one of my little dolls, made with my own pattern. she measures around 11 inches, has brown eyes, a smile (yes, yes, a smiling vergissmeinnichtKuss doll ;)), her skin is tan (oekotex cotton from switzerland), she is stuffed with clearn carded wool, her hair is handdyed, handspun yarn i bought from luxfish and have saved for a long time (it broke my heart when she closed shop). she is wearing a handknit tunic (handdyed wool yarn from the lemonadeshop), a handknit merino wool cowl, heart undies, jeans capri trousers and her favourite crazy socks. and NO shoes because she really doesn't like them.

Lotta costs 210 CHF plus 30 CHF shipping, so that is 240 CHF altogether. CHF stands for swiss francs ;) she will ship from switzerland.
if you think Lotta will be a good match for your home and you would like to invite her to live with you, please send me a message on facebook. if more than one person offers Lotta a home i will draw a name this weekend...

thank you very much!

oh, I almost forgot: here are pictures of her:

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Everyone who knows Del knows she lives in her own world... which also shows in her choice of clothes. She is still missing her boots, she said she wants colourful comfy ones. I showed her pics of Livia's and that's exactly what Del wants. To wear with her dress up clothes and her knits. With everything. Like her socks.

It doesn't show clearly in the pics but she has one blue and one green eye - helping her to see the world in her own way...

Her beautiful black dress was made by Alex of Angelique Angels and many of my dolls have worn it. But as the little sister of Didi I just had to give in when she claimed it as the dress was inspired by her big sister. Who she has a special bond to <3

She was inspired by my favourite storyline/ graphic novel and is very dear to me. If you are looking for "one of my dolls" please pass on Del and only buy her if you really lover HER for who she is :)

I could tell you a lot about her but I think many things about her speak for themselves...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


First things first: Yes, i am little and so I felt this was a very accurate name for me. Why hide what I am?
I am also fierce, and a free spirit, and funny and stubborn. But that will need a second glance.

Monika wanted to make me some sturdy shoes and she told me to tell you all that it was my decision to not get them. She said I need sturdy shoes for my adventures in the woods, when it's cold or I walk over sticks and stones so I will not have holes in my socks. But who can move stealthily and visit the foxes and deer with sturdy shoes? They would hear me come from miles away and I do not want to confuse them by wearing leather. Now all they smell is a little bit of sheep through the wool. And they like sheep, sheep are never a threat.
I told Monika that really, my feet barely touch the ground anyway so I could go barefoot. But the wind can become chilly so socks are in order and we found a compromise in the sock-boots i am now wearing. The best is that they are big enough so I can take them off easily and use them as a satchel on my adventures. But pssst, don't tell Monika, I promised to keep them on :)

Now the technicalities:
I am a bit over 10 inches little, my skin is made with Swiss cotton, I am stuffed with clean sheep wool, my hair is made from loose locks (I think they are called Cotswold or something, I am not really sure tbh) sewed into a weft and attached straight on my head (that tickled!), my dress is handknit with merino wool yarn in the colorway Woodland Friends with Pink by Mosaic Moon, my socks and sock-boots are cotton. I am also wearing undies (well, not yet but I will be when I travel)...

I am not suitable for children - due to my construction and character :)

Monday, 25 April 2016


For the longest time I wanted to make a chubbier doll. It never worked out as i had imagined it. Until now!

So here is Rosie, hopefully the first of many. I hope you love her as much as I do! She is everything I love about doll making. Reduced to the max ;)

So here she is!!!! (can you tell, I am a bit excited ;))

Rosie, what have you got there?


See, nothing behind my back...

But now I must concentrate.

Do you need help?


I am a big girl!

Me, needing help?


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Triplets

They are slowly getting together, Clare, Lettuce and Marcie. 
But they were not born triplets. The oldest just got fed up being "the oldest", people thinking she should be more grown up than her sisters. The youngest being fed up that everyone assumed she is the spoiled one. Which she is NOT!
People of course still try to figure out who is the oldest. But the girls will not tell. Many think Marcie is the oldest. Mainly because she sticks out as her hair is very different. And people seem to think the child that sticks out must be the oldest. Which is silly. And completely wrong in Marcie's case. Others think Lettuce must be the youngest. Because she looks like the youngest. A bit more delicate, a bit more crazy. They might be right. Or not at all. 
What I do know is that Clare is the most serious of the three, when she's not being very silly. Lettuce is the bounciest one, when she's not lying on her bed reading for hours and hours. Marcie is the best secret keeper - when she is not out gossiping and telling everything anyone confided in her to her sisters ;) Lettuce is the gossiper, Clare the reader and Marcie the silly one. Marcie loves books, Lettuce laughs a lot, Clare tells her the gossip to laugh about...
They are all very different, in and out. They fight a lot and make up a lot. Each prefers to be on her own, they hug constantly. Make fun of each other and confide in each other...
They are very excited, especially the youngest one. And the middle one. But most of all the oldest one ;)

Please not that they are at an early stage so there is no blush applied yet, the hair is not attached yet, etc... So changes in appearance are always possible ;)

Friday, 21 August 2015

How I became a "doll maker" - Part 1

First things first: I put doll maker in "" because honestly, I don't view doll making as my profession. Most people in my private life don't know I make dolls, I don't go around and tell people. If I do tell, then it's more like "oh, I sometimes make a doll" which tends to surprise people (who does that? how? why?). I feel to understand these dolls you need to see them, touch them. To understand "doll world" you need time and experience. For an outsider it can be a weird place (my husband keeps telling me ;)).

So how did I get here? 

I could tell you a poetic story of an inner calling but people who know me would smile a huge cheeky smile at that and I would get lots of funny e-mails.

Honestly it all came from two FB acquaintances who kept liking these Bamboletta dolls. The more I saw the more intrigued I was. Back in that day I only saw Bambolettas, DFH and Tumbleberries, Pookidolls shortly after. I started to research. I like to know things - some people might call me a know it all - I call it curiosity ;)

I have always been working with my brain, priding in my good memory and good and easy grades at school, never having to work for good grades. But I felt hey, with brains and the internet I am sure I can make a doll like that. Not as cute, but I just want to see how hard it is.
So I looked for tutorials. And I found a head tutorial so I tied my first head. Just made a body from scratch, how I thought I might like it. Not like my own body (I have never been thin except in my teens, I was a very well nourished baby and toddler and my current body shows my relaxed lifestyle I guess ;)), but more like my kids' body, who are both very very slender and more delicate looking. Very first one was chubbier though, with ghost neck, completely understuffed though i felt i had stuffed and stuffed forever... 
I showed a friend (the one who kept sharing the pics of Bambolettas etc.) and she brought me a Bamboletta to show me what she meant by "stuffing more". Back then Bambolettas were the holy grail. Really all of the aboved mentioned dolls were almost impossible to get for a normal mortal person with slowish internet due to living in a little village in the countryside.
So I made the second. Who had feet, but not in a way that I could make neatly. And who had a ghost neck ;)

So more research, drawing a pattern in case my next doll was "it" and I wanted to make a second one. By that time I was already hooked of course. And I knew what I wanted. So grudgingly I asked my mum how I could possibly achieve this and that. Because she is a seamstress and taught textile works at school back in the days.
Grudgingly because I had always told myself that I will never become like my mum for some reason. I was always a stubborn child who would figure out stuff herself. I had a theory but I wanted her ideas. 
She smiled and said she never thought I'd ever follow in her footsteps. So I told her that clearly making and selling doll clothes wasn't the same as making cloth dolls! But what I had forgotten, she reminded me, was that she had started out making cloth dolls!!!! Thankfully I had forgotten because I doubt I would ever have started had I remembered. When I was a child, just before the "plastic dolls" got really big everyone had one of these cloth dolls made with a plastic mould for the face, where the fabric would be glued to and the face painted on. All stuffed with wool of course. She made and sold these dolls before people ran to the plastic dolls who openend and closed their eyes etc...

So she gave me tips and was very, very proud to be able to help and to see that all her preaching about how to sew and knit in my childhood seemed to have stuck in my brain even though I always pretended not to listen...

I always knew I would work with the Swiss Laib Yala fabric as it was close to my childhood dolls, the ones my mum had made. Though back in my beginnings I got a few messages asking me why on earth I would choose a lesser fabric with such a strong structure that took focus away from the feature when there was de Witte Engel readily available that was so much more smooth! (Glad this opinion seems to not be there anymore and most agree that both fabrics are of very good quality and it's really personal preference what you use)...

Of course I needed more dolls to figure out quality issues, etc. Looking back I guess I should have made more before buying but I guess most of us feel like that in hindsight. I sold my first few dolls (after giving the first 5 away) for almost double material cost, which back then was quite a price for a new maker!

Over time and with many influences my dolls have changed, grown, and become more me. Though I still love some of my first few dolls very dearly and still like a mum do feel they are perfect and surprisingly very much me already. I guess I was lucky there were not too many makers around then so that forced me to find my own style. Looking around I felt none of the existing were "me" enough that I would want to make them or look-a-likes. I also had no idea there were makers outside of FB!
I got to know more makers, followed some doll groups on FB and it all went from there.

To this day I feel my dolls are myself even though they have changed and I have been influenced by much and many in different ways (more details later), but I think they do have my weak chin, smallish eyes, long cheeks ;) they have my androgyn face I guess (my mum thinks with every head I make: oh, wonderful another boy ;)) and of course my stubborn self. BUT: I am not very slender, I have small feet just to name two obvious differences....

I have decided not to include pictures this time. So you can imagine more, and it takes more motivation to read, discouraging a few people as I am not sure I should share everything I did here (point one, everyone would love the maker to be gorgeous, having grown up the perfect daughter who willingly learned from their loving mum and not someone maybe average looking who was always the spoiled, stubborn brat ;))

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


For my english speaking followers: I decided to do this project in German, as I heard about it through German doll makers and I thought it would be fun and challenging for me to try in German. If you have any questions or google translate makes no sense at all feel free to contact me ;)

Ich kann gar nicht glauben, dass ich erst heute auf die Puppen-Mit-Macherei 2015 gestossen bin. Ein Projekt von NATURKINDER und Mariengold. Jeder, der eine Puppe machen will, kann dies tun, an bestimmten Tagen geht es um bestimmte Themen und wir teilen unsere Erfahrungen. Einige werden ihre ersten Puppen machen, einige mit Anleitung, andere Freestyle.

Für mich ist es ein komisches Gefühl, dies auf Deutsch zu machen. Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache, ich bin in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz geboren, aufgewachsen und wohnhaft, also sollte dies für mich natürlich sein. Da ich jedoch zum Puppenmachen über Facebook und daher in englischer Sprache gekommen bin, fehlen mir für dieses spezielle Thema öfters die deutschen Begriffe.

Seraina - eine meiner ersten Puppen im Verkauf
Ich wuchs auf mit einer Mutter, die Schneiderin und Handarbeitslehrerin war, aber für uns Kinder zu Hause blieb. Sie fing an die Glorex Puppen mit den "Schablonen-Gesichtern" und Stoffkörper zu machen und am Markt zu verkaufen, als dann immer mehr die "Plastikpuppen" aufkamen hat sie gewechselt zu Puppenkleidern aus Plüsch. Schon als kleines Kind habe ich ihr am Markt "geholfen". Nach vielen Jahren entschied sie sich dann, dass man aufhören muss, wenn es plötzlich ein "muss" wird. Sie kümmerte sich vermehrt um den Naturgarten, machte Weiterbildungen im Bereich Heilpflanzen, Ornithologie, etc. und hat nun ein Buch über ihren natürlichen Garten geschrieben und veröffentlicht.

Als ich dann die Puppen auf Facebook entdeckte, damals vor allem die von Bamboletta, da wollte ich es auch unbedingt ausprobieren, obwohl ich wie wohl die meisten Kinder nie genau in die Fussstapfen meiner Mutter treten wollte. Es brauchte auch eine Weile, bevor mir bewusst wurde, wie ähnlich dies ist ;) In der Online Waldorf inspirierte Puppenwelt gab es damals nicht so viele verschiedene Puppenmacherinnen wie jetzt und ich fand mich in keiner wirklich wieder, also arbeitete ich zunächst einfach Freestyle, bis ich eine Puppe mit Proportionen erhielt, die mich selbst ansprach. Seither habe ich mein Muster immer wieder überarbeitet und wie es ist mit Handarbeit ist keine wie die andere. Des Öfteren habe ich einen Kopf vor mir und füge dann hier und da etwas Länge in den Beinen und Armen hinzu, mache den Körper einmal etwas schlanker, nächstes Mal etwas breiter.

Für die Puppen-Mit-Macherei werde ich eine Puppe machen, die etwas anders werden soll. Ich wollte schon lange eine etwas fülligere Puppe herstellen - meine werden immer eher wie meine Kinder, ausgesprochen schlank, nicht wie ich früher, eher etwas pummelig ;) Und mir scheint, dies ist genau der richtige Moment für solch ein Projekt. Ich werde also mein bestehendes Muster überarbeiten.
Ob diese Puppe zum Schluss auch in den Verkauf kommt oder dann doch bei mir bleibt, das werde ich während dieses Projekts sicher spüren. Ich lasse mir da vieles offen.

Ich habe alles and Material hier, das ich benötigen werde (ich horde gerne Materialien). Neue Stopfwolle werde ich wohl noch bestellen.