Thursday, 11 April 2013


I was surprised that Céline is "ahead" of her sister. But then she does have more of a "bigger sister" in her than her sibling. The pictures were taken on an overcast evening (just a few moments ago) so they might not be the best, but I know some people are waiting to see more of those sisters ;o)

Here she is relaxing after all this needle poking. No, Céline is not a big fan of acupuncture ;o)
By the way: I have decided to let the people who bought a custom spot with me have first dibs on those two girls. If they're not interested they will be put in my shop.
I am hoping to work on Céline's little sister tomorrow and am hoping to produce some pieces of clothing over the week end (but as always: no promises)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Two Sisters

I'm currently working on two sisters. They look very alike at first glance - like so many sisters. But when you look more closely you will find they have at least as many differences as they have things in common.
Their hair is gorgeous, softer than soft but it can unravel so I do not recommend those two for small children...