Monday, 17 December 2012

Work in Progress

Those dolls are still waiting for clothes. They've been waiting for a while and some are getting impatient... But then they have each other to play with and they tell me they love their undies as they can really do everything in them.
I love how different they all are!

One (second from the left in the top picture) is a doll I am making for a trade with another doll maker, the others will be in my shop as soon as we can decide on the clothes ;o) I will keep you posted!
I love them with the sun in their hair!!!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cuddle Dolls / Schmusepuppen

Finally  my next 5 Cuddle Dolls are ready. Well, almost ready, they are waiting for their hats!
For each one I chose a different skin colour so this picture shows all the skin colours I have available.

My Cuddle Dolls are stuffed very soft and cuddly. The hands and heads are stuffed as firm as my other dolls so they keep their shape over time. They have mohair/mohair boucle hair (a crochet cap) and a handknit hat (pure wool). The cotton velour I use was handed down to me by my mother - it's pure, softest cotton velour.

So today I actually managed to get all their hats finished so they are now ready for new adventures and to find a new family. If you are interested in bringing one of them home, please check out my Shops...

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santichlaus - St. Nicholas Day

Today is "Santichlaus" here in Switzerland. My daughter went into the woods with her Kindergarten Class to go look for Santa Claus who visits here on the 6th of December, often accompanied by his donkey (it's a long way from his little house deep in the Black Forrest) and "Schmutzli", his helper dressed all in black who never says a word...

He brings the kids some nuts, chocolate and clementines if they've been "good" children. If not... well, I didn't go into that with our daughter yet ;o) This is why in Switzerland quite a lot of children are scared of Santa and especially of his helper who carries the sack full of goodies. There's also the competition who dares to be the cheekiest, says the funniest verse and thus risks being taken into the sack and taken back into the Black Forrest as a helper... Of course there are the ones who claim they've been there!

I always learned a nice verse off by heart that would please Santa and hope he would overlook the times I didn't behave during the year and focus on all the times I laid the table, cleaned my room, etc.

We've already seen Santichlaus - this time even with two helpers - last Sunday in the woods!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First Post

So I'm a bit nervous about writing my first post.. I feel no matter what I do I will be a embarrassed later on about all the things I didn't know when I started..

I decided to start with the latest doll I made. Ria:
Ria is the one on the right - her sister Ladina was made around the same time but I didn't like how the thread for the eye line seemed to shine through the fabric, so I sold her as a boo boo doll.

Ria is patiently waiting for a new home. She turned out to me "my" doll so much, with her colouring - a real autumn girl! I see her running around and climbing trees with her new best friend! Some dolls I make and I have no idea how it happened - why they turned out the way they did. And that's the part about making dolls I love the most.. the adventure that starts with the rolling of every head..

And I'm so proud of them, when they venture off into the big world ;o)