Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santichlaus - St. Nicholas Day

Today is "Santichlaus" here in Switzerland. My daughter went into the woods with her Kindergarten Class to go look for Santa Claus who visits here on the 6th of December, often accompanied by his donkey (it's a long way from his little house deep in the Black Forrest) and "Schmutzli", his helper dressed all in black who never says a word...

He brings the kids some nuts, chocolate and clementines if they've been "good" children. If not... well, I didn't go into that with our daughter yet ;o) This is why in Switzerland quite a lot of children are scared of Santa and especially of his helper who carries the sack full of goodies. There's also the competition who dares to be the cheekiest, says the funniest verse and thus risks being taken into the sack and taken back into the Black Forrest as a helper... Of course there are the ones who claim they've been there!

I always learned a nice verse off by heart that would please Santa and hope he would overlook the times I didn't behave during the year and focus on all the times I laid the table, cleaned my room, etc.

We've already seen Santichlaus - this time even with two helpers - last Sunday in the woods!