Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cuddle Dolls / Schmusepuppen

Finally  my next 5 Cuddle Dolls are ready. Well, almost ready, they are waiting for their hats!
For each one I chose a different skin colour so this picture shows all the skin colours I have available.

My Cuddle Dolls are stuffed very soft and cuddly. The hands and heads are stuffed as firm as my other dolls so they keep their shape over time. They have mohair/mohair boucle hair (a crochet cap) and a handknit hat (pure wool). The cotton velour I use was handed down to me by my mother - it's pure, softest cotton velour.

So today I actually managed to get all their hats finished so they are now ready for new adventures and to find a new family. If you are interested in bringing one of them home, please check out my Shops...