Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The little papery things...

Everyone who knows me knows how I love paper, little things, "rubbish" as others call it. I can't resist ordering stickers, cards, postcards, etc. 

Because I want them, so I think others must as well. What to do with them is another thing. I still have stationnary that i purchased as a teenager that I vowed I would not just use on ANYTHING. So I still have it - and now will never use it because let's face it, now it's probably the most embarrassing thing. But I used to dream about what I could do with it, who I would write to. How my family would move away and all my friends would miss me so much and I would then write them on extra special stationnary with matching envelopes. I would choose one set for each friend and it would mean so much...

Well, when I did leave my village for the first time I was 18 and went away as an au pair for a year. I dyed my hair black, only wore black, so no, I did not take the stationnary with the handpainted kittens with me to write to my friends...
But anyway. Now I have the first good reason after being an unreasonable dreamer of a teenager to order things like that again, personalized even and what can I say ;)

I just got fridge magnets. I spent half a day searching where I could get them, finally found a strange place with a weird little editing software to order them from. And then had to rush a bit before my kids became too cranky. So they are not perfect but I love them so. I have one of each on my fridge now and they do make me happy.

So if you are a bit like me and would like one for your fridge please write me an e-mail to, put either "bum" or "Akasha" in the subject line (meaning which one you'd prefer) and your postal address in the e-mail. I will send some off next week (Friday is the Swiss national day so no open post office and I don't want to put the wrong postage on them)...

Oh, and sorry about the bad pics, it's evening here on a rainy day but I still couldn't wait until tomorrow ;)

Friday, 25 July 2014

Zulaika - a comment style RTG doll


Zulaika is finally ready!

Zulaika is about 20 inches tall, handmade entirely by me based on the Waldorf doll making techniques but after my own pattern. She is stuffed with clean carded wool, her skin is Swiss Single Jersey, her facial featured are embroidered with cotton floss and her cheeks blushed with wax crayon.

Her hair is handspun Wensleydale locks I purchased off etsy in natural black with brown highlights. The strands are hooked into a crochet cap.

She has brown eyes and my "average skin tone" (other makers call it "tan"). Zulaika is quite a moody quiet girl with a melancholy tendency. To me she is a typical younger sister for some reason. I guess she's not the one best suited to look after her siblings ;). Due to the sadness that seems to live within her I do worry about her a bit, like any mother would, so please think twice before you comment to adopt her. She is not my "typical" moody, stubborn girl that will just get through no matter what. She will need more stability, love and attention. But I promise you, if you love her with all your heart her hidden smiles will bring tears to your eyes!

She will come in a tunic by wildmarigold on etsy with kam snap closings at the back, a handknit infinity scarf and matching shoes, grey socks, fun cotton capri pants and my "trademark heart undies".

She is available now, comment style, here on my blog (if everything works out the way I hope it will). I will leave comments up for 24 hours, will then randomly choose the "winner" who will have 24 hours to pay, otherwise I will redraw. So please leave an e-mail address you check regularly!


This time I will allow strictly NO angels. Please only comment if you really love Zulaika and if you would like to be her new home!

Zulaika costs 450 CHF (SWISS FRANCS) plus 50 CHF international shipping.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Nat is a sweetheart. She is my lake maiden, her hair shimmering in all colours of a deep quiet forest lake...
She often looks into the air, deep in thought, feeling the dark cool lake. She is a dreamer. She needed comfortable clothes that set her apart because she is different.
Her boots are the softest, her trousers are made from her old nightshirt. She couldn't accept it no longer fits her and had me make them. She loves them. 
She loves colours, fun, dancing, dreaming and remembering recent lives, times long past...

Nat is already on her way to her new wonderful mum (she was a special trade doll)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Loose ends

With holidays starting two weeks ago I never anticipated how difficult it would be to keep working on my dolls. So many are almost done and are only waiting for clothes, but with my daughter's daily swimming lessons for the first two weeks and then a trip to the er with our boy (all fine again) I was quite relieved to get in the groove again yesterday. 
Knitting, crocheting and finally time to sit down behind the sewing machine and get some sewing done...
Today my girl is sick so there's another break but I'm positive now that I've made progress they will all soon be ready to finally travel to their homes... 
Here's a little collage of what I've been and still am working on. Most already know where they will be travelling to but Zulaika will be a rtg once we have decided on the rest of her outfit!

(the sewn tops i didn't sew myself but purchased from wildmarigold on etsy. if you ask her she will send them without velcro so you can put in cam snaps like i have ;))

Monday, 21 July 2014

Zora - a doll long overdue

I kept telling my daughter that one day I will make her a doll. I had made her one when I had started out doll making and I keep most prototypes for new dolls. But she told me they were never "her" dolls. 
She's not really a doll person though. Unless it's a princess, a barbie or a polly pocket :/
The specifics she gave me kept changing so I waited because I wanted to be sure that the doll I made her would really suit her (my daughter is already 6 years old so I feel i might not get many more chances) plus of course waiting longer gave me more time to work on wish list dolls...

For a while now she has changed her ideas from a blonde or maybe pink haired girl to Zora, the red haired heroine from a wonderful book/movie. Zora is the leader of a group of homeless orphan boys, all are very tough and loyal, having learned to trust each other to survive. (She has seen the new movie. Growing up I was in awe of the Zora I watched a series of. A tough girl who dares to do things I would never have even dreamed of)

During this time my daughter realized that all really cool, strong girls (Pippi and Zora) have freckles just like her. So when she started doubting I would ever make her a doll you can imagine how bad I felt. I showed her every step in the making of her Zora and she's now finished, just missing trousers and shoes. She already has a greasy spot in her face which makes me so proud!
When I added freckles my daughter insisted to add some herself and we made sure Zora has the same one on the side of her chin like my daughter...
So here she is, Zora! 

The rest of her clothes she will get when all the other half clothes dolls here receive theres. Thankfully a girl like Zora doesn't need all her clothes to get into adventures.

So now there's hoping to find time to make one for my son as soon as he has decided if he wants his own lookalike or rather go for Branco, Zora's best friend ;)