Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Jane's auction has left me speechless and thankful for many reasons.
First of course as it shows a deep love for the little ones I create with my hands, love creating. It shows a love for handmade, one of a kind, imperfections, warmth, tradition and natural materials.
I have gotten so many messages of people who are happy for me and with me. People who have watched the auction because they care for me as a maker, others who care for my creations. 
I am humbled and a little bit self conscious because I'm not sure my dolls are "good enough". To me of course they are, but as always, there are imperfections that to me give them more personality, make them more special in my eyes, but I know we live in a world that doesn't always allow room for imperfection, who makes us try to hide them. I know many of the people who love my dolls agree with my view of imperfections breathing life into the little ones. And I find this incredibly touching and soothing.

And of course Jane is very excited to travel to her new home and meet all her new friends I already showed her on my computer screen!

Monday, 17 March 2014


Today I will present you Jane. I know, not many people follow my blog but trust on my facebook page to keep up to date. So I thought this time the blog followers will have an advantage and be the first to see Jane. Before shoes but with dress and undies. and of course a BODY and hair (camel weft)... <3

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Peter/Robin and Wendy

Some dolls are more than dolls. They tug at our hearts, move us to tears, make us smile, make us want to look after them and always be around them because we feel they are real, more than dolls. They reach out to us and touch us. I can't really explain and a few years ago I would have shaken my head if someone had told me this.

Then I met Peter/Robin, THE Inviting Play boy made by the amazing Julie Colby, who found his way to live with me.

I realized quite soon that he was very special, that he needed someone to properly look after him when I am away, someone who knows him on a deeper level than "just" another doll. So I asked Julie to please, please make a Wendy for "my" Peter. This is how Julie and I decided to make a trade. A Wendy for me and as it later turned out a Louise for her. Louise is still travelling, we're crossing our fingers for a speedy arrival.

Wendy was waiting for me when I came back from our holidays in the Swiss Alps. She is perfect! And like I hoped she and Peter/Robin share that special bond that only some siblings share <3

What do you mean big sister? I'm taller than you are. See?

Yes, I can even kiss you on the head!

Holiday in the Swiss Alps

We spent a week in the Swiss Alps and enjoyed the quiet (snowy streets, no cars allowed), cable car rides (my son's favourite), skiing (my husband and daughter's favourite) and just relaxing and knitting (that would be me ;))...
We had all kinds of weather, lots of snow, fog/being stuck in a cloud, sunshine.

Aletsch Glacier

Yes, when the weather allowed us we saw the Matterhorn ;)