Thursday, 1 December 2016


Everyone who knows Del knows she lives in her own world... which also shows in her choice of clothes. She is still missing her boots, she said she wants colourful comfy ones. I showed her pics of Livia's and that's exactly what Del wants. To wear with her dress up clothes and her knits. With everything. Like her socks.

It doesn't show clearly in the pics but she has one blue and one green eye - helping her to see the world in her own way...

Her beautiful black dress was made by Alex of Angelique Angels and many of my dolls have worn it. But as the little sister of Didi I just had to give in when she claimed it as the dress was inspired by her big sister. Who she has a special bond to <3

She was inspired by my favourite storyline/ graphic novel and is very dear to me. If you are looking for "one of my dolls" please pass on Del and only buy her if you really lover HER for who she is :)

I could tell you a lot about her but I think many things about her speak for themselves...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


First things first: Yes, i am little and so I felt this was a very accurate name for me. Why hide what I am?
I am also fierce, and a free spirit, and funny and stubborn. But that will need a second glance.

Monika wanted to make me some sturdy shoes and she told me to tell you all that it was my decision to not get them. She said I need sturdy shoes for my adventures in the woods, when it's cold or I walk over sticks and stones so I will not have holes in my socks. But who can move stealthily and visit the foxes and deer with sturdy shoes? They would hear me come from miles away and I do not want to confuse them by wearing leather. Now all they smell is a little bit of sheep through the wool. And they like sheep, sheep are never a threat.
I told Monika that really, my feet barely touch the ground anyway so I could go barefoot. But the wind can become chilly so socks are in order and we found a compromise in the sock-boots i am now wearing. The best is that they are big enough so I can take them off easily and use them as a satchel on my adventures. But pssst, don't tell Monika, I promised to keep them on :)

Now the technicalities:
I am a bit over 10 inches little, my skin is made with Swiss cotton, I am stuffed with clean sheep wool, my hair is made from loose locks (I think they are called Cotswold or something, I am not really sure tbh) sewed into a weft and attached straight on my head (that tickled!), my dress is handknit with merino wool yarn in the colorway Woodland Friends with Pink by Mosaic Moon, my socks and sock-boots are cotton. I am also wearing undies (well, not yet but I will be when I travel)...

I am not suitable for children - due to my construction and character :)

Monday, 25 April 2016


For the longest time I wanted to make a chubbier doll. It never worked out as i had imagined it. Until now!

So here is Rosie, hopefully the first of many. I hope you love her as much as I do! She is everything I love about doll making. Reduced to the max ;)

So here she is!!!! (can you tell, I am a bit excited ;))

Rosie, what have you got there?


See, nothing behind my back...

But now I must concentrate.

Do you need help?


I am a big girl!

Me, needing help?