Thursday, 1 December 2016


Everyone who knows Del knows she lives in her own world... which also shows in her choice of clothes. She is still missing her boots, she said she wants colourful comfy ones. I showed her pics of Livia's and that's exactly what Del wants. To wear with her dress up clothes and her knits. With everything. Like her socks.

It doesn't show clearly in the pics but she has one blue and one green eye - helping her to see the world in her own way...

Her beautiful black dress was made by Alex of Angelique Angels and many of my dolls have worn it. But as the little sister of Didi I just had to give in when she claimed it as the dress was inspired by her big sister. Who she has a special bond to <3

She was inspired by my favourite storyline/ graphic novel and is very dear to me. If you are looking for "one of my dolls" please pass on Del and only buy her if you really lover HER for who she is :)

I could tell you a lot about her but I think many things about her speak for themselves...

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