Monday, 21 July 2014

Zora - a doll long overdue

I kept telling my daughter that one day I will make her a doll. I had made her one when I had started out doll making and I keep most prototypes for new dolls. But she told me they were never "her" dolls. 
She's not really a doll person though. Unless it's a princess, a barbie or a polly pocket :/
The specifics she gave me kept changing so I waited because I wanted to be sure that the doll I made her would really suit her (my daughter is already 6 years old so I feel i might not get many more chances) plus of course waiting longer gave me more time to work on wish list dolls...

For a while now she has changed her ideas from a blonde or maybe pink haired girl to Zora, the red haired heroine from a wonderful book/movie. Zora is the leader of a group of homeless orphan boys, all are very tough and loyal, having learned to trust each other to survive. (She has seen the new movie. Growing up I was in awe of the Zora I watched a series of. A tough girl who dares to do things I would never have even dreamed of)

During this time my daughter realized that all really cool, strong girls (Pippi and Zora) have freckles just like her. So when she started doubting I would ever make her a doll you can imagine how bad I felt. I showed her every step in the making of her Zora and she's now finished, just missing trousers and shoes. She already has a greasy spot in her face which makes me so proud!
When I added freckles my daughter insisted to add some herself and we made sure Zora has the same one on the side of her chin like my daughter...
So here she is, Zora! 

The rest of her clothes she will get when all the other half clothes dolls here receive theres. Thankfully a girl like Zora doesn't need all her clothes to get into adventures.

So now there's hoping to find time to make one for my son as soon as he has decided if he wants his own lookalike or rather go for Branco, Zora's best friend ;)

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