Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First Post

So I'm a bit nervous about writing my first post.. I feel no matter what I do I will be a embarrassed later on about all the things I didn't know when I started..

I decided to start with the latest doll I made. Ria:
Ria is the one on the right - her sister Ladina was made around the same time but I didn't like how the thread for the eye line seemed to shine through the fabric, so I sold her as a boo boo doll.

Ria is patiently waiting for a new home. She turned out to me "my" doll so much, with her colouring - a real autumn girl! I see her running around and climbing trees with her new best friend! Some dolls I make and I have no idea how it happened - why they turned out the way they did. And that's the part about making dolls I love the most.. the adventure that starts with the rolling of every head..

And I'm so proud of them, when they venture off into the big world ;o)