Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wonderful trade on the way

Robin/Peter and Pippi waiting...
With a wonderful trade girl from Julie Colby of Inviting Play on the way I love thinking back on the trades I did in the past. 
Trades with other makers are scary to me. I don't do them often and there's always the fear that the dolls I am getting will be so much "better" than the dolls I send off. Because of course the doll I'm getting will be wonderful and I am very conscious of the shortcomings of my dolls. Almost worse than wish list dolls, when I make dolls and hope the other person will love them - not sure they would dare tell me if it isn't love if it isn't. 

I myself either love a doll or it doesn't click. Not because of hair or eye colour but because the doll has the certain something. But I realized that trades are wonderful because in the end I have a perfect doll from a wonderful doll maker here with me ;)

Robin/Peter is the most perfect Inviting Play boy ever. He melts my heart every time I see him! He can't wait for Wendy, his big sister. He will help her by telling her exactly what a big sister is supposed to be like ;)

To be honest Robin/Peter wasn't a trade, I bought him with the help of a wonderful lady who was there to snatch him up for me when I was on holiday without internet access. But because I love Julie so much he does feel like a trade doll to me!

Géraldine by sweet Lana of Emily Moon Dolls and Little Red by the wonderful Wendy of LIEF monster. These were my first trades. It's a pure coincidence they turned out the same size. A wonderful coincidence!

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