Monday, 12 May 2014


I love how my wish list dolls sometimes get me to make dolls I would probably not have attemted right at that moment. 
I keep forgetting about boy dolls especially when I look at my stash of wefts lying around that all scream "girl" ;) 
So when I made Henley I was very excited, especially in combination with the brushed mohair wig as I hadn't made one of those in a very long time (if I can call anything during my doll making days a very long time as I really haven't made them that long I guess). So I was happy when another wish lister asked for a boy. A boy who almost happened by himself with the little scar on the forehead that I didn't plan but that fits him just perfect...
And he gave me courage to try to make dungarees once again after I had given up on them in the past because they never turned out the way I wanted them too. Many makers supported me and helped but in the end I would not have been able to make the dungarees I envisioned if Julie Colby of Inviting Play hadn't held my hand through the process!
So here is Magnus, one of the few boy dolls I made and I can't wait to make the next boy...

Like so many boys he is proudly sporting his scar. It proves he's a "real boy"

He didn't want his tattoo on the "usual place" but to wear it where a boy would

All ready

His hat has a stone with natural holes in them attached. We found the stone on my favourite beach in Ireland and it will make sure he's lucky wherever he goes

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