Sunday, 21 December 2014

End of the year - a summary and looking forward

The year is always over a lot sooner than I think. Leaving me feeling like I didn't achieve all my goals or hopes, so I make myself look back. See what I have really achieved...
Last year I realized I made an average of two dolls a month. So I counted. And was shocked! Not even two a month? I thought I had at least managed that! 
Then I realized the year doesn't have 24 months ;) So i don't need to count to 48 to have made two per month. And I forgot the 4 tiny dolls in the collage (sorry Mellie, Liselotte, Macy and Lucinda!). So I guess I can be proud. To be honest I would have been just as proud had there been less. Seeing them all together, finding their pics has also made me remember each one again. Their very own character and story, how they came into being. How they were there already when I rolled the head or really revealed themselves only when i chose the hair right at the end. How I worried about picking the right clothes for one or fell even harder in love with the other after choosing the "right" clothes for her.
It has been a wonderful year full of support and me happily making dolls knowing they will find a home. It is very special to be able to trust on that. I remember the early days when I never knew when a doll would sell, if at all. I feel quite spoiled and know I am very lucky to be where I am right now. Thank you all for making it possible <3

It looks like Albie will be the first doll of 2015. Closely followed by two wish list dolls that I will start after the holidays...
So with that Albie and I wish you a happy holiday! See you again in 2015!

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