Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Triplets

They are slowly getting together, Clare, Lettuce and Marcie. 
But they were not born triplets. The oldest just got fed up being "the oldest", people thinking she should be more grown up than her sisters. The youngest being fed up that everyone assumed she is the spoiled one. Which she is NOT!
People of course still try to figure out who is the oldest. But the girls will not tell. Many think Marcie is the oldest. Mainly because she sticks out as her hair is very different. And people seem to think the child that sticks out must be the oldest. Which is silly. And completely wrong in Marcie's case. Others think Lettuce must be the youngest. Because she looks like the youngest. A bit more delicate, a bit more crazy. They might be right. Or not at all. 
What I do know is that Clare is the most serious of the three, when she's not being very silly. Lettuce is the bounciest one, when she's not lying on her bed reading for hours and hours. Marcie is the best secret keeper - when she is not out gossiping and telling everything anyone confided in her to her sisters ;) Lettuce is the gossiper, Clare the reader and Marcie the silly one. Marcie loves books, Lettuce laughs a lot, Clare tells her the gossip to laugh about...
They are all very different, in and out. They fight a lot and make up a lot. Each prefers to be on her own, they hug constantly. Make fun of each other and confide in each other...
They are very excited, especially the youngest one. And the middle one. But most of all the oldest one ;)

Please not that they are at an early stage so there is no blush applied yet, the hair is not attached yet, etc... So changes in appearance are always possible ;)

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