Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wish List

There have been a few requests for custom dolls and I've been thinking about how I would like to work in the future a lot.

As I'm not making a doll a week it's difficult for me to find a good time frame. I love to work on my dolls when I truly want to and not because I feel under pressure to meet a deadline. 

So I felt I will be starting a Wish List. People who would like to own a specific doll from me can be added to this list. Whenever I have the time I will just contact the first person on the list and see if they are still interested (as some time might have gone by since they were added) and talk about the details. When we agree to work together this will turn into a custom doll with a non refundable deposit and half the price due immediately so I can start working and the rest on completion of the doll ;) 
So if you're interested to be on this wish list, please comment on the post on my facebook page or send me pm on facebook...

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