Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I so enjoy the time I get to spend with Anouk and Maple Lou. They are quite the pair. Anouk just keeps asking questions and Maple Lou sits there and makes you answer them all with her magical soft, understanding gaze.
They just couldn't believe me when I told them I used to go to work every day for about 10 hours in sensible business suits. Impossible!  And a confused look from Maple Lou. Well, it only looked sensible for other people, I assured them. I was me after all!
But how? Well, I wore a suit, yes, and those ankle boots with a medium heel. So of course nobody could see my socks, but I always knew what socks I wore and when I needed a break, a smile, I would mentally picture them... Of course they were never just black, they were also not the thin women's socks in any flesh colour. They were real socks I was always on the lookout for. My favourites were striped in orange and pink. Blue and green. Black with Woodstock on them. Woodstock? Yes, Woodstock, the yellow bird, Snoopy's best friend...
Ahhhhh... And a wonderful smile from Maple Lou. A cackling laugh from Anouk. 
A bit like your underwear, I say. Our underwear? Yes, whenever I think uf your panties it makes me smile and I know you're ready to take on the world with those. Have you not looked at yourselves in them? Not really, no... Go ahead...
And a wonderful smile from Maple Lou and a cackling laugh from Anouk as they stand in front of the mirror.
Whenever you feel down or insecure or just need that little something to lift your mood just think of your underwear and remember who you really are inside ;) Your little secret. Oh, but can we have socks as well, so we'll remember this afternoon all of us together?

How could I refuse.

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