Friday, 9 August 2013


Quite a while ago I felt I wanted to make small dolls, so I made small doll heads but then realized that shipping would be the same price as for the bigger ones and maybe it wasn't such a good idea...
Then other dolls wanted to be made and from time to time I saw all those cute little doll heads with no faces lying amongst other unfinished objects in my to do basket. I finally felt bad for them and got to work once more. 3 of them now have a face, body and hair. Here they are.

They are quite happy running around naked and exploring the house at the moment but of course they'll need clothes before they'll be ready for travel. As they're only around 9 inches I'll need some quality focused time to work on their outfits and as I'm busy working on two bigger dolls and dolls from my wish list this just might take a while.
They tell me they don't mind as long as I don't mind the mischief they get up to ;)

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