Friday, 26 July 2013

Saying good-bye to my dolls

When I packed up my very first sold doll I knew it would become easier to send them off into the unknown big world once I'd sold a few.

But packing up and sending away Leni yesterday I realize it didn't. I feel the same sadness to see them go, the same doubt if they'll be loved in their new homes and the same fear that they'll get lost on the way and will never arrive...

Maybe I'm just not patient enough and it will get easier but just takes more dolls? Maybe I spend too much time with each doll because of my slow doll making pace and thus spend so much time with each one that I have to get overly attached?

Whatever it is, the sadness is lessened when I hear they have arrived and are loved in their new homes, when I get your thank yous, when a doll sells right away just seconds after I uploaded her like Leni did. It tells me someone wants her enough to wait in front of the computer and refreshes the page so they will not miss a chance to bring her home.

I feel blessed that I can create what I love and see my creations being loved!

Thank you very much for your support, your feedback, the pictures you send me of the dolls in their new homes having fun!

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