Saturday, 20 July 2013


With the holidays and the heat working on dolls has been a bit on the back burner. Maybe also because I enjoy the time while Larissa and Leni are still here with me.

In an earlier post I talked of Larissa's imperfections. Larissa had wild hair but some things about it bugged me so I completely redid it. Now it's still wild but the way it should be!

I'm still working on the shoes even though Larissa is trying to convince me that it's so much more fun barefoot anyway. But I told her the weather will change and she'll be glad to have the shoes - no need to wear them in weather like this when playing in the garden...

 I loved working on Larissa's sundress and I think she's very happy with it as well. Easy to take on and off (she does need some help tying it in the back though) and allowing her to run, jump and climb.
The good thing about her moving around all the time and refusing to be properly dressed is that I can show you the little imperfect seam. But psst, Larissa doesn't know about it as it doesn't keep her from doing anything and doesn't hurt her at all. It also isn't really in a place where she would see it ;)

Larissa is very confident and has lots of spirit and keeps asking when she can finally set out into the world and go exploring, make new friendships and maybe live in another country where she no doubt will learn the language very quickly - because she loves to talk, joke and laugh!

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