Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Violet and Nadine - two 19 inch dolls - Sneak Peeks

Nadine, the second 19 inch doll has a bit of a wrinkly neck. She's still sulking because I told her and told her I was very sorry because she's such a sweetheart. Before she went sulking in the corner she informed me that in fact her wrinkles were not worse than mine and did I tell everyone about mine? Like: Hi, my name is Monika, unfortunately I have a bit of a wrinkly chin? She might have a point there but I told her that some people would not love her if I didn't tell them that about her but that I'm sure we'll find a family who loves her just as she is 

Violet on the other hand to me is perfect, but my daughter complains about her hair being too short. It does look a bit messy when she takes them up in a ponytail.

We love them both very much so I'll take my time making clothes for them and decide how they will be offered for sale.

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