Thursday, 3 October 2013

Clothes - the difficult/fun choices

Not so long ago I always worried about the clothes for my dolls. I love knitting, so I worked on knitted tops a lot and just added simple boots and jeans or velour trousers. Always the safe choice, just like I  myself dress...

I also tried to tell myself that like me most buyers buy the doll and will put their style clothes on them anyway. But one day I looked at my daughter and I saw how much fun she has dressing herself, combining whatever she liked whether it supposedly matched or not. For over a year she refused to put on identical socks but always chose each sock for each foot! Clothes for her are not a worry but fun, something to enjoy and wear with a smile. So I decided to stop worrying and dress my dolls with a smile, choose more what my daughter would choose, not always take the safe choice but to combine what I think is fun. Clothes that would make my dolls and me smile!

And it works. I love their clothes now, I don't mind if the new family will just change them but I feel my dolls can have fun in those clothes, they will make other people smile just like my daughter sometimes does when she walks, skips or runs past.

My newest two dolls that have been waiting for clothes for a long time actually got the rest of their outfits today. The knitteds had been made a while ago but I never found the time to sew the rest. Clementine just seemed like fun from the start so it was easy. She's not perfect, has some wrinkles on her chin but she makes me smile with her freckles and her crazy hair.
Violet to me was the beauty and I was once again a bit afraid to clothe her. So I tried to take the safe choices again - also because I felt so many colours would clash with her hair. Then I imagined her beside Clementine and felt so sorry for her. Why just because she has no wrinkles on her neck can she not have fun clothes? Colours that clash, socks that don't match the rest of the clothes at all? Funny comfy velour shorts/ actually longer than shorts but short enough to show off her fun socks?
So here they are...
They will both be available in my hyenacart shop in the next couple of days, whenever I find time. They are fun and more than ready for new adventures!

Lucky charm: Stone with a natural hole

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