Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam with Wendy of LIEF monster.

Things I learned:
- some people are just as wonderful IRL as they are online
- Amsterdam is one of the greatest places I've ever been to
- every doll maker has their own way of doing things and just because you use the other person's pattern doesn't mean the doll will then get those wonderful elegant feet (in my case clumsy duck feet is what i got - but i love them), but you can learn a lot but also know that there is a reason the other maker does it different to you (in my case, I don't like fiddly ;))...

Amsterdam became one of my favourite city in no time at all

Lots of window shopping

Visiting a doll maker at her work place

In some way it's mostly about dolls. And fun. And friendship

Some art. And fabric.

And always working on dolls. In our heads or with our hands. Noortje in the making

Amsterdam cafés are perfect for doll making. Also Wendy's mobile doll making kit in a box.

And trying to make a doll according to Wendy's instructions.

Crow was one of my travel companions. Also on the boat. The best place
to make a doll is definitely a boat.

And lots of boat rides.

Yes, doll makers are a bit mad and are not afraid to show it.
The couple in the back are definitely not doll makers, because doll makers have fun ;)

I seem to not have followed Wendy's instructions very well :
Left is one of her elegant legs. Right is the same pattern but stuffed by me ;)

Hoping to be back soon.