Friday, 12 September 2014

Thekla - Part two

One day my dad came home, telling us exciting news about a big company that would start up and that he had been asked to be part of this project. He asked my mum and me what we thought. It would of course mean move, to quite a remote place of the world and that it was a big opportunity but that he would of course never go if we were not all in on it.

So we all slept on it, talked about it. My mum and I talked about it in private, asked for more details but in the end it came down to just deciding and embrace whatever we decided. We saw how exciting the prospect was for dad. I saw how much in love my parents still were and how that was probably the last chance to really go on a big adventure. The older i got, the more difficult it would be. Of course I wanted to stay, but I also wanted my parents to be happy. And really, a new place would maybe be the place where I would finally find real friends. Friends who would understand my collections, who also loved being outside, live in a different world all in our heads... So in the end we agreed.

One of the big disadvantages was that I'd have to stay behind when they left. At first. Because they wanted to go and first build something up so I'd have a nice place to come to and not chaos and uncertainty... I was to stay behind and live with Lady Davenport. She lived a bit further away and had agreed to take me on and look after me until my parents had settled in. My parents promised I would be looked after very well as they provided quite a lot of money to Lady Davenport so I wouldn't have to miss out on anything during that time and would maybe even be pampered quite a bit.

I went to the train station with my parents and said good-bye. I was very proud that I didn't cry because I knew my parents would worry about me enough as it was and I wanted them to be happy and proud of me! Lady Davenport was there at the train station and I would go back to her home right after. And I was surprised and also very excited to see two other girls who would also live with Lady Davenport at the same time. Their names to me gave me courage because they didn't sound too "normal" or average either, being called Merry and Noortje. But I didn't want to get my hopes up too much and was determined to behave extra normal so I wouldn't scare them off.

To be continued...

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