Friday, 13 March 2015

I'm just not sure Missy

Some dolls I need to be especially good. So I choose the save option. Try to make a "save" doll, pleasing to my eye, no experiments.
So for the LoveforAlex doll that was my way to go I decided. But then the head had a biggish nose. And I made a second head. But I was drawn to the big nose head but "Missy, I'm just not sure about you" went through my head. Some might be surprised about that. And it's true. Even though Swiss German is my native language all my doll making is in English, even the talk to them in my head...
So I tried out skin tones and stopped at the one I call Terracotta. I love this skin colour but I wanted something that would appeal to more people because "I am just not sure, Missy". Then something was off when I did my "usual" eyes and I just kept going mumbling "I'm not sure at all, Missy". I went to bed unsure, woke up unsure, Held up the "sensible" choice of dark brown locks to her and felt "this could actually be ok, Missy". But ok wouldn't be good enough. For fun I held up the gorgeous locks I got from Laura Spinner. And I was in love. In love with Missy. But still I feel "I'm just not sure, Missy" because Missy is different. Different good in my eyes, but definitely not the save choice of anything. But the more fun, adventurous choice, Missy's choice <3
Only she knows what clothes she will choose I guess. So I decided she knows best and I just get to enjoy the crazy ride with her.

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