Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vivian Moonshadow - a long overdue try

Like I guess many makers I have watched sculpted dolls emerge, refine and become perfection. I am in awe of the makers who truly have perfected this art and I see every day how difficult it is to get it right. 

I spent quite some time imagining what a sculpted doll of mine, truly mine, could look like. Would look like. Should look like.
I will admit, I was scared to try because until I tried I knew it would be my choice to not needlefelt my dolls, to still make my heads the "traditional" simple waldorf way. That it's not my fear of failure stopping me but my love for my simple dolls. I always knew one day I would have to try, maybe never show anyone the result, maybe like it maybe not. Then take it from there. 
My worries have made me late to the party. I had people tell me to try, that it was bound to turn out well, people telling me not to as they loved my dolls just the way they are and are worried I would stop making them and only make sculpted dolls from then on. And all that time I had the nagging feeling that maybe I didn't have a choice, that maybe I would be crap at sculpting...
One evening, when the light wasn't good enough for me to sew (my sewing machine stands in a place where the natural light is great but there is not enough artificial light to work there in the evenings/nights) and I had knitted all I felt like knitting I sat down with one of my heads I wasn't sure about and just dived in and didn't stop before I felt that I had made my first sculpted face. Vivian Moonshadow was born - or half born as I really need to adjust my body pattern for her first and that will have to wait a bit...

Before you ask: I have no idea where I go from here. I will definitely make more "traditional" dolls, not sure if I will make many sculpted dolls. I loved making Vivian and I am proud and happy how she turned out. Vivi and I are sharing lots of smiles and secrets. She has many secrets to tell...

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