Friday, 15 May 2015

The big surprise

So, I just had an idea, and as it will be my birthday soon I thought why not just follow up on it ;)

I will offer a doll, a particular doll that I will be working on next (while I also work on some overdue wish list dolls). 

She will be a big doll (around 19 inches but that varies a bit).

She will have dark tan skin.

And the rest I will just decide as I go along.

Soooooo... You need to be a bit crazy to purchase this doll/spot for a doll. Because you will not be able to choose anything. You will have no say at all in the creation. There will be no pictures, no communication until I send you the tracking number end of June latest.

What I can say about her:

She will be a girl, a big girl, non sculpted.

you will be able to VETO one hair style (yarn, weft, locks), I will decide on hair length and colour. I will use a "natural" colour for the eyes (I never make dolls with pink eyes for example). 

So, this doll can be a crazy pink haired girl, or a timid brunette. She will have attitude, but what attitude I cannot say yet.

So this doll will be for the very courageous, the ones who really, really, like all my dolls and are up for a big adventure. I understand this takes a lot of trust. But I promise I will make you a doll that I truly love in the hope that you will too. My choices will not be influenced by what I know about you, the buyer, though.

Oh, one more thing I can promise: She will come in my trademark heart undies :)

So, if you're up for it shoot me a message on FB. But please no wishes or suggestions ;)

Oh, she will be 550 CHF (swiss francs) plus 50 CHF shipping. So 600 CHF in total, due until this sunday, may 17th. If more than one person is interested I will choose in 24 hours from now... 
If noone is interested I will make her and offer her RTG end of June latest...

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