Monday, 25 May 2015


Gioia is probably the grumpiest, sulkiest girl I have ever made. Most know by now that my dolls tend to be very good at sulking but Gioia does take it to a new level. 
To "help her on" a bit I have given her the softest suri alpaca tailspun yarn hair and made her body a bit softer than usual to make her extra huggable. Because what else stops sulking as well as some very good cuddles?
This means her hair is delicate and she's even worse at standing than my usual dolls (usually I can take a few pics of them standing up with very clever posing and a lot of patience but I really couldn't manage with Gioia).
Gioia will be available in my indiecart shop sometime this week. I hope she will find her perfect home where she will be loved despite her strong head ;)
She has dark tan skin, blue eyes and is wearing a gorgeous dress by Dommi Design. She will also come with my traditional heart undies and socks and handknit boots. Maybe some other items of clothing will be added in the next few days.

More pics here: